Breakfast Side Orders

Waffle House breakfast menu includes side orders are a delightful option for your morning meal. With a large variety of savory hash browns and home fries to crispy bacon, these sides add an extra burst of flavor to your breakfast experience.

Whether you prefer a classic toast or a bowl of fresh fruit, the Waffle House menu offers a variety of options to satisfy your meal.

Each side order is carefully prepared to enhance your breakfast experience, ensuring an enjoyable start to your day.

Menu ItemsPrices
Hash Browns$5.99
Home Fries$5.99
Funky Hash Browns with Onion Ham & Cheese$8.99
Side Order of Corned Beef Hash$12.99
2 Strips of Bacon$5.99
2 Sausage Links$5.99
2 Strips of Turkey Bacon$5.99
Grilled Chicken Breast$9.99
1 Egg$2.25+
Grits Side$5.59
Grits Bowl$6.99
Bagel with Cream Cheese$6.99
Roll with Cream Cheese$6.99
English Muffin$4.49
Toast White$2.99
Toast Rye$2.99
Toast Whole Wheat$2.99
Fruit Compote$6.49
Cold Cereal$6.49
Side of Banana$3.99
Side of Fresh Strawberries$3.99
Side of Whipped Cream$3.99
Fresh Fruit Bowl$9.99
4 Pieces of Deep Fried Chicken$16.99
Hot Oatmeal$6.49
Breakfast Side Orders

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