Waffle House Gluten Free Menu & Reviews 2024

Waffle House gluten-free menu includes eggs, omelets, hash browns, and some sides. Keep in mind that there is a significant risk of cross-contamination when using common cooking surfaces.

Eating gluten-free can be challenging, especially when you’re dining out. But if you’re a fan of the classic American diner experience. Besides fruits, vegetables, and drinks, Waffle House has nothing gluten-free.

Gluten Free Waffle House Menu Hacks

Everything from waffles to buns to sauce to chili has gluten. Unsure of what foods are safe to eat? Look below for options that are free of gluten. The limited choices aren’t without their pleasant surprises. A comprehensive Waffle House menu, including all the nutrition facts, is available here.

Gluten Free Menu at Waffle House

Gluten Free Menu at Waffle House

  • Egss
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Ham
  • Hash browns
  • Vegetables
  • Steak
  • Pork Chops
  • Drinks / Coffee

Find these popular gluten-free Waffle House Menu options:

Ham & Cheese Omelets

Get your omelet for $5.85

One of the great things about a restaurant that specializes in breakfast items is they always have a phenomenal selection of omelets. We’re particularly fond of their ham and cheese omelets, something that can only be described as a breakfast regular that is a classic for a reason. You can add any of their other ingredients that suit you, and they’re never short on toppings.

T-Bone Steak

Waffle House Gluten Free menu
$10.05 | 300 Calories

This is another option that is available to anyone and doesn’t cause any concerns when it comes to gluten-free. A thick juicy T-bone steak is something that everyone can enjoy, and is sure to leave you sated with pure meaty goodness when all is said and done.

Vegan Options at Waffle House

You can order it however you want, and it comes with garden salad, and hashbrowns, and we suggest sliced tomatoes instead of toast.

Waffle House Menu Gluten Free Reviews

  1. I can’t speak for anyone who works there, but the staff when I went was incredible and cleaned the cooking surface, etc before cooking our food. They were super sweet and didn’t make it seem like an inconvenience. I got the breakfast combo with scrambled eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns and had then held the toast (tara39585).
  2. Good food bc I can eat some good gluten free products (tiffany72552).
  3. We were on a very long drive back from the eclipse and my bf loves Waffle House. I was not expecting to order anything, but our server, Tonya, was very knowledgeable about allergies as she has one herself. She was able to explain how everything was cooked in the back and gave recommendations on what I could eat. The chicken is cooked in a separate area from floured surfaces, and the hash browns are also separate from the pancake area, but they are on a shared burner. She explained that they always keep the hash browns on one side though. I got a chicken hash-brown bowl and it was pretty tasty. (francesca567).

FAQs – Waffle House Gluten Free Menu

Currently, Waffle House doesn’t have gluten-free waffles on their standard menu.

Waffle House provides a variety of gluten-free options including Egg Breakfasts, Hashbrown Bowls, Salads, and Omelets, totaling 31 different items listed on their allergen menu.

Waffle House hash browns are generally gluten-free, but there’s a risk of cross-contamination due to shared cooking surfaces. Inform staff about your gluten sensitivity to see if separate cooking is possible​.


While it doesn’t have the most robust gluten-free menu you can rest assured that they’ll do everything they can to avoid contaminating your meal with gluten. This is the kind of effort we appreciate and something that gives a restaurant high marks in our book.

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