Waffle House Catering Menu 2024 – On-Location Buffet & Food Truck Catering

Waffle House Catering menu

Waffle House catering menu is taking its legendary dining experience to the next level with an impressive on-location buffet and mobile food truck options to suit any event.

Waffle House Catering delivers the true Waffle House experience to any event with on-site food stations, direct meal delivery, and a unique food truck.

Waffle House Catering at wedding

Their Team works hard to create memorable experiences for corporate gatherings, school functions, and weddings. Their adaptable services enable you to customize special menu items for your occasion.

Waffle House Catering Menu Options

Waffle House menu catering is flexible, with options suitable for various event sizes and preferences:

Waffle House On-Location Buffet

Why leave home when Waffle House can come to you?

Waffle House Catering menu buffet options

They provide catering services for events with over 20 people and orders over $150. Enjoy a complete buffet setup and professional service delivered right to your location. Perfect for large gatherings!

Waffle House Catering Delivery

Waffle House catering near me is ideal for smaller gatherings. If you’re near a Waffle House, they can deliver large orders for events like ball games, surprise parties, or business meetings. A perfect way to kick off any day!

Waffle House Food Truck Catering

The Waffle House catering truck option is our top choice since it offers the diner feel in the comfort of your own backyard. This service, which is included in the catering costs, is billed by the hour and is dependent on the menu items you choose.

Waffle House Food Truck Catering option

Keep in mind that it doesn’t provide the entire menu, so choose your favorites for the occasion by going over the alternatives beforehand.

Waffle House Catering Prices 2024

Waffle House Breakfast Catering

Menu ItemsPrice
All-Star Special$ 11.60
Waffle Bar$4.50
Hash Brown Bar$5.00
Waffle House Catering Menu With Prices

Waffle House Lunch & Dinner Catering

Menu ItemsSizePrice
Bert’s Chili & 3 ToppingsPer Person$4.00
Berts Chili BaPer Person$4.50
Sirloin Steak DinnerPer Person$10.50
Pork Chop DinnerPer Person$11.99
Grilled Chicken DinnerPer Person$10.99
Original Angus Cheeseburger (1/4 lbs)$4.99
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$3.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$5.99
Angus Patty Melt (1/4 lbs)$5.99
Texas Cheesesteak Melt$6.99
Waffle House Catering Menu With Prices

Waffle House Beverages Catering

Large Coffee$2.65
Large Coca-Cola®$2.65
Large Diet Coke®$2.65
Large Sprite®$2.65
Large Barq’s® Root Beer$2.65
Large Pibb Xtra®$2.65
Large HI-C® Fruit Punch$2.65
Alice’s Iced Tea™ – Sweet$2.65
Large Chocolate Milk$2.65
Large Milk$2.65
Simply® Orange$2.90
Simply® Lemonade$2.90
Waffle House Catering Menu With Prices

Waffle House Catering Request Form

Fill out the form with your contact information, event details, and how you found out about Waffle House Catering catering services to start the request process.

Before submitting, make sure you fill out all the needed fields. After you make your request, a Waffle House representative will contact you to discuss the specifics of the catering for your event. More details can be found on their website under the Catering section.

how to book Waffle House Catering menu with form

They have a variety of options available for you to get a real Waffle House Experience!  These could include food items delivered directly to you; on-site food stations that serve waffles, hashbrowns and/or other delicious items; or even a visit by the Waffle House food truck.  We are happy to work with you to deliver a unique experience for your guests.  Capabilities and menus may vary by market.

Waffle House Catering Reviews

With an extensive menu featuring their signature dishes and a fleet of food trucks, Waffle House offers a unique and satisfying catering experience. But what do customers have to say about these services?

Our comprehensive Waffle House catering reviews dive deep into the real-world experiences of event hosts and attendees. From the quality of the food to the professionalism of the staff, you’ll get an unbiased look at how Waffle House’s catering solutions measure up. Whether you’re planning a corporate function or a family celebration, these reviews will help you make an informed decision and ensure your guests leave with full bellies and happy memories.

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