Waffle House Texas Cheesesteak Melt – Calories & Price



US$6.25 | 645 Calories

Chuck cheesesteak, grilled onions, Texas toast, melted American cheese.

Thin-sliced chuck cheesesteak with grilled onions served on Texas toast with two slices of melted American cheese.

  • Waffle House Texas Cheesesteak Melt Price: $6.25
  • Waffle House Texas Cheesesteak Melt Calories: 645 Cal

Customizations Options

Bacon Addition

  • Option: Add bacon to your melt
  • Price: +$2.15
  • Status: Available


  • Default: Includes grilled onions
  • Options:
    • With onions
    • Without onions (minus 15 calories)
  • Status: Required to choose

Sides Options


  • Add a side of Hashbrowns
    • Price: +$3.95
  • Double your Hashbrowns
    • Price: +$1.15 (adds 190 calories)
  • Triple your Hashbrowns
    • Price: +$2.15 (adds 380 calories)

Hashbrown Toppings (each +$0.65)

  • Smothered: In onions (adds 15 calories)
  • Covered: In cheese (adds 50 calories)
  • Chunked: With hickory smoked ham (adds 60 calories)
  • Diced: With grilled tomatoes (adds 5 calories)
  • Peppered: With jalapeños (adds 10 calories)
  • Capped: With grilled mushrooms (adds 20 calories)
  • Topped: With Bert’s Chili™ (adds 80 calories)
  • Country: With sausage gravy (adds 90 calories)

Waffle House Texas Cheesesteak Melt Nutritional Information

Calories645 Cal
Total Carbs42 g
Net Carbs39 g
Fiber3 g
Sugar6 g
Protein28 g
Fat40 g
Saturated Fat17 g
Cholesterol75 mg
Sodium1400 mg
Vitamin A0 mcg
Vitamin D0 mcg
Waffle House Texas Cheesesteak Melt

Calorie Breakdown

  • Total Carbohydrate: 26.3%
  • Protein: 17.5%
  • Total Fat: 56.3%

FAQs- Waffle House Texas Cheesesteak Melt

What is in a Texas Cheesesteak Melt?

The Texas Cheesesteak Melt includes thin-sliced chuck cheesesteak with grilled onions, served on Texas toast with two slices of melted American cheese.

How much does the Texas Cheesesteak Melt cost?

The melt is priced at $6.25

How many calories are in the Texas Cheesesteak Melt?

The melt contains 645 calories.

Can I customize my Texas Cheesesteak Melt?

Yes, customization options are available.

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