Waffle House’s Coffee Calories

The calorie content of Waffle House coffee typically depends on how it’s served and any additional ingredients you may add.

Waffle House coffee

Here’s a breakdown of the approximate calorie content of different types of Waffle House coffee:


Large Coffee: $3.15 | 10 Calories

The calorie count of a cup of black coffee, which does not include any sugar, cream, or flavorings, is usually between zero and five.

2. DECAF COFFEE (8-OZ) | Calories: 5

The calorie count of your coffee is greatly increased when you add sugar and cream. Twenty to thirty extra calories come from a tablespoon of half-and-half or cream, and fifteen to twenty more from a teaspoon of sugar. Depending on the amount of sugar and cream added to a cup of coffee, the calorie count could range from 35 to 50 or even higher.

3. DARK ROAST COFFEE (8-OZ) | Calories: 5

It’s essential to keep in mind that these calorie estimates are approximate and can vary based on factors such as portion size and specific ingredients used. If you’re concerned about the calorie content of your coffee, you can always ask your server for more information or opt for black coffee with little to no added ingredients.

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Where can I buy Waffle House Coffee?

You can visit their online shop to Buy the Waffle House coffee packs. Browse the available options and select the 5-pack bundle that suits your preferences. Follow the instructions on the website to complete your purchase and have the coffee packs delivered to your doorstep.

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